Luxury Homes

If you consider building luxury homes, Custom Home Builders Green Villesc is the company for you. We will work with your budget and give you personalized attention every step of the way to ensure that your dream house becomes a reality. With our team of skilled craftsmen and expert luxury homes designers, we can take any idea into an elegant masterpiece that meets all of your needs. Our homes offer both style and energy efficiency, which means low monthly utility bills and plenty of storage space for whatever your lifestyle may be! Whether it’s spacious luxury homes or a cozy cottage retreat, we have something for everyone.

We also offer great value for your money because we cut out the middleman and work directly with you. We sell our plans, which means that there is no need to purchase a model home. Our designers will sit down with you and discuss all of your options so that we can come up with a virtual design for you to approve or suggest changes until it is perfect. Once we have finalized the plans, we will provide an estimate. If anything changes during construction, we will be sure to contact you so you won’t experience any unexpected expenses or delays!

What makes Custom Home Builders Green Villesc different from other builders in the area?

  • We cater to individuals to ensure the best possible experience for you.
  • Our designers will personally meet with you and help guide you through all of your decisions. Not only that, but if anything changes along the way during construction, we will contact you first before making any significant changes.
  • We sell our plans directly to you, which means there is no middle man, thus saving both time and money! This allows us to offer great value for your money.
  • Our home designs are customizable, so everything can be just how you want it.
  • We offer great value for your money because we cut out the middleman and work directly with you. This ensures that we get the best possible product while also passing along these savings to our customers.
  • We use sustainable materials such as bamboo floors, recycled/reclaimed wood, low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, and finishes which means our homes are healthy for you and the environment!
  • Custom Home Builders Green Villesc wants to ensure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied, so we offer a one-year labor warranty on all of our construction.

Why you should invest in your luxury real estate future?

  • Luxury homes are designed to be energy efficient, which saves you money on your monthly bills. If you’re out of state or even country, why pay for utilities you aren’t using?
  • New luxury homes construction allows for the use of more sustainable materials (bamboo floors, low VOC paints/finishes, etc.), which means healthier air quality in your new home.
  • Custom Home Builders Green Villesc will build a custom design unique to you and your future dream house to ensure all your needs are met. This also gives you peace of mind knowing that it’s precisely how you want it!
  • Home designs can be customized according to any changes along the way during construction without worrying about unnecessary costs.
  • A new luxury real estate will increase the value of your property and land.
  • A new custom design means that you don’t have to purchase a model home, thus saving time and money! We will sit down with you and discuss ideas and plans to make sure we get it just right. Once we finalize these plans, we can estimate you, so there are no unexpected expenses later.
  • Custom Home Builders Green Villesc will also help you save time by sending updated progress photos along the way to make sure you are updated on your new home’s construction.

Who can benefit most from a custom luxury home?

When it comes to building luxury homes design, Custom Home Builders Green Villesc are perfect for anyone who wants their future dream home to reflect themselves. Not only that, but our designers can meet with you over Skype or Facetime if they aren’t available in the area! An example of this is someone who lives out of state but has business ventures in another country could have an apartment built there and one where they live so it would be easier to travel back and forth between the two places. Likewise, someone with business trips overseas often would benefit significantly by having a luxury real estate built in multiple locations.

  • People with families could have custom features added to their luxury home that would improve the lives of everyone living under the same roof.
  • Small business owners or even large companies may want to invest in new construction due to its ability to increase property value! This is just one way to ensure you are getting your money’s worth when it comes time to sell your property.
  • People who just want to have a custom-built luxury home design may also benefit from this because it allows you to own the only one of its kind! Many people are very particular about what they want their dream house to look like.

How long does it take for a luxury home to be constructed on average?

Custom Home Builders Green Villesc understands that time is money, so our entire process is relatively quick! We give each client a 4-week time frame in which they will hear back from us with the estimate, and once the new luxury home has been decided upon, we send out an email with photos of where things currently stand. This way, our clients always know exactly where they’re at in the process without asking any questions or wondering what may be going on.

-It takes about 2 weeks to get everything in order and finalized with your dream luxury home plans before we even break ground! This includes choosing colors, options for appliances, and other custom features you may want. After this is done, we will send an email letting you know where things stand to plan accordingly.

Real estate construction could take anywhere from 3 – 5 months, depending on the size of your property and how many custom changes need to be made throughout the process. We try our best to stay within a 4-week time frame, but if something does come up that delays real estate construction, it will not affect your home’s final results!

How can I keep my family safe while a new luxury home is being created?

Custom Home Builders Green Villesc is dedicated to keeping your family safe during the real estate construction process by keeping all areas of your property secure and well maintained.

This way, you don’t have to worry about accidents on the property by falling off a ladder or handling sharp tools! We will make sure to clean up and maintain lawns and walkways so you can feel safe and relaxed while we do all the work.

We also keep our real estate construction site as secluded as possible from onlookers who try to peek over for a closer look at what’s going on. This ensures that everyone has their privacy respected throughout this time, especially children who may be home from school for the summer break.

What should I expect once my new luxury home is finally finished?

Custom Home Builders Green Villesc is happy to help you plan for the final steps of your new family luxury home.

Once all real estate construction has been completed, you can expect a final walkthrough with our designer, who will go over everything with you to ensure that nothing was missed! Before this time rolls around, though, we will send our clients an email containing photos showing what the property looks like after everything has been completed, so they know exactly what’s going on. You can also contact one of our luxury real estate building specialists throughout the process if there are specific things you want to be added or taken away, so it fits your needs perfectly!

Not only does Custom Home Builders Green Villesc provide customers with the experience of custom luxury real estate building, but we do it in a safe manner that ensures your family’s safety throughout the whole construction process.

By ensuring that your property is always secure, of highest quality, and well maintained while still allowing you to keep up with important business matters, Custom Home Builders Green Villesc makes luxury home living easy!