Home Renovation

The team at Custom Home Builders Green Villesc has been building homes for over 20 years. We focus on quality construction and sustainability while maintaining a green environment. When renovating your home, we reuse materials whenever possible to minimize our impact on the earth. 

We are passionate about designing and providing sustainable renovations to help homeowners live comfortably with increased energy efficiency and lower utility bills. Our dedication to excellence is what sets us apart from other builders in the area, so you know you’re getting top-of-the-line workmanship when you call Custom Home Builders

Is Your House Right for Remodeling Project?

Before any renovations are started, our team will consult with clients to determine whether or not their house is suitable for renovation. This is done by providing professional home assessments to help clients understand the scope of work required to get their homes in shape. The assessment will include broken-down costs and details on how long it will take to complete the project. If clients feel satisfied with the results, then we move ahead with the renovations, getting them ready for homeownership once again! We want all our customers to be happy after every renovation we do for them – no matter how big or small.

Signs that You Need a Home Renovation Project

If you’re considering a home renovation project, here are just some of the signs that it might be necessary:

  • The house is too small for your family, and you’re having trouble finding a place for everything.
  • You can’t stand to do your laundry anymore because the space is so crowded and there’s not enough room for your appliances.
  • There are rooms in your house that you hardly ever go into and would prefer not to have, such as an attic, finished basement, or spare bedroom.
  • Your home is outdated with features that are no longer popular or desired by homeowners today.
  • Your home lacks the insulation needed to keep it warm in the winter and cool during the summer months.
  • Your home is old and needs a renovation to fix any problems like aging electrical wiring or plumbing.
  • The cost of renovations could help you sell your house for its current market value, which will save money when it’s time to move.
  • If the value of your home doesn’t increase significantly after renovations, it might be worth considering selling and moving to a new location.

Common Examples of Home Renovations

There are countless ways to renovate your home, and Custom Home Builders Green Villesc can help make any of your renovations dreams a reality. Some of the most common examples of remodeling project include:

Kitchen Renovations

Adding an island or making other changes to your current kitchen will give you more space, storage, and work surface. The best part is that kitchens are one of the most accessible spaces to renovate since they’re often small rooms with few obstructions, making it easy for our team to add beautiful kitchen cabinets and complete the project on time without affecting your daily life.

Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom will make your current bathroom bigger and allow you to add the features you need most. For example, the addition of a luxurious bathtub, walk-in shower, or custom vanity can give your space a spa-like feel that makes it perfect for pampering yourself after a long day at work.

Would you like some extra room in the shower? Do you love luxurious baths that take up half of your bathroom but hate how cramped it feels? Maybe there’s something wrong with your current bathroom, like a leaky faucet or an out-of-date aesthetic. No matter what you need, Custom Home Builders Green Villesc contractor can make it happen.

Home Theatres

If you enjoy spending time at home with family or friends, a home theatre might be the perfect addition to your house. Professional Custom Home Builders Green Villesc contractors can create an entertainment area that is comfortable and fun for everyone in your household. As well as creating custom entertainment areas, we also provide custom-designed furniture suitable for any room in your house.

Basements Renovations

Do you have a basement that’s not being used correctly? Is there enough space for extra living areas like bedrooms or media rooms? Maybe it’s too dark to spend time down there or always seems damp no matter how many dehumidifiers you use. Whatever the problem is, Custom Home Builders Green Villesc will transform it into a bright and comfortable space that you’ll be excited to use.

Exterior Renovations

Does your exterior look outdated? Would getting rid of the vertical siding and replacing it with cedar shake make your house feel like new again? Custom Home Builders Green Villesc can renovate the exterior of your home, creating a classic facade that complements any neighborhood in any climate zone. With our help, you can get rid of all those ugly colors on the side of your house and replace them with something more desirable.

Why are Home Renovations Important?

A home is a place where you can feel most comfortable. Your sanctuary. It’s a place to relax after work, spend time with your family and friends, or escape from the outside world for some peace and quiet. But if you are not happy with your current home, it can be challenging to feel at ease in it. That’s why renovating is so essential. Renovations will change how you see your house by giving it new life – both inside and out! There are many great reasons to have renovations done on your home, but here are just a few of them: they boost property values, offer more space for living or entertaining guests, breathe new life into dated-looking homes, give people who may be downsizing more options, and lastly, but most importantly, they make you happy.

A home renovation is about more than just finding a contractor who can do the work as quickly as possible. The decision will significantly affect how much comfort you have in your daily life, so it’s best to take some time to choose what renovations would benefit you most. Custom Home Builders Green Villesc offers a variety of renovation options from built-in wardrobes to home theatre rooms, so you know we have exactly what you need.

So if your house is tired and dated, Custom Home Builders Green Villesc can help introduce a new look that will bring back the charm and elegance that you’ve been looking for. Renovating your home can not only add character to any space. It also provides a return on investment while giving homeowners more reasons to love where they live.

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