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Considering a Custom Built Home in Greenville SC ? Make sure you find the best possible home builders available in Greenville SC area

If you’re thinking your next home may be a custom built one, you’ve probably already considered the many decisions to be made. How will know you’ve picked the right design for your family’s future needs? What exterior material will give you both curb appeal and durability? What type and size of heating and air conditioning system will you need? It may all seem a bit overwhelming.

What if you could make just one important, up-front choice that would make all the rest of your decisions seem easy? Wouldn’t that be great? We have great news – you can.

Selecting the right custom Home Builders from Greenville SC makes all the difference in the world. The right builder will guide you through each phase of the construction process and help make the difficult decisions simple. A quality custom home builder understands how important each detail is to you. They know you want a home that’s not just a residence, but a place to create many years of great family memories. They also understand the importance of quality workmanship.

We’re the builder that can do all of that and more. In fact, we’re the custom home builder Greenville SC looks to for the best in custom-built homes.

Quality Makes the Difference for Custom Built Homes Greenville SC

When you elect to build a custom home, you’re making perhaps the most important decision you’ll ever make. A custom-built home should be just the place you want it to be, in every respect. It should be comfortable yet very functional. It should be a place where you can proudly entertain friends and family, and gather together for those special celebrations you’ll treasure for years to come. It should be a place where children laugh and play, and where good times are shared and remembered. Most of all, it should be the one and only place your family thinks of each and every time they think of “home”.

What goes into creating such a place? Quality, plain and simple.

The starting points for identifying good custom-home builders are:

  • Proof of licensure and insurance
  • A reputation for total quality construction, from foundation to countertops
  • Custom-building experience
  • Positive recommendations from other homeowners

Narrowing Your Choices for Your Custom Built Home Greenville SC

There are a number of licensed custom home builders in the Greenville, South Carolina area. To narrow your choices to the best few, try these simple steps:

  • Do some online research. You can easily search for consumer ratings and comments on builders in your area. Tabulate the results of your search, use that information to rank different builders, and then pick the best rated companies as a starting point for further consideration. You may also find the Better Business Bureau useful in evaluating different companies.
  • Tour some recently built homes. Some builders’ websites list the neighborhoods where they have recently constructed homes. Realtors may also be able to provide such information. It’s always good to see a builder’s work for yourself.
  • Check with friends and family who may have recently completed a custom-built home. Their positive and negative experiences may help you further refine your choices.

We think you’ll find that we pass each of these tests with flying colors. We treat each customer is if they’re our one and only, because we want to build the perfect home for each homeowner.

Our goal is be a custom-home building partner – not just another builder. That’s why we’re the custom-home builder Greenville SC trusts with building their one and only dream home.

Meet with Your Top Choices

After you’ve narrowed your search to a select few builders, schedule times to meet personally with each. You may find that a builder’s willingness to sit down for such a meeting tells you a lot about them. If they seem to be reluctant to do so, or hedge on whether they have the time for a meeting, it may be wise to cross them off your list.

When you do sit down with a prospective builder, have your questions prepared ahead of time, and know the points you want to cover. Here are some suggested questions to ask:

  • Where have you custom-built homes in the area?
  • Do you help customers pick home styles, sizes, layouts, and locations based on their family needs?
  • Do you always use the same sub-contractors for things such as roofs, counters, flooring, sheet rock, etc., and if so, who are they?
  • Do you handle all of the interactions with sub-contractors, and can the home purchaser take part in discussions with sub-contractors if they wish?
  • How do you go about keeping your customers in the loop during the construction process?

Not all custom-builders are the same, which you’ll likely discover during your discussions. Once you have met with several builders, compare their responses to these and other questions, and decide which one is best for you.

We look forward to being a part of your search. We think you’ll find that we have the expertise, experience, and professional reputation you’re looking for.

During each phase of your project, we’ll take the time to sit and talk about choices. We listen carefully to what you want and expect, and offer the best options available based on your feedback. We never cut corners, and our homes are always built to the highest standards, from the ground up.

Those are just some of the reasons we’re the custom home builder Greenville SC looks to for quality, and the custom home builder Greenville SC trusts for unsurpassed craftsmanship.

You’ve Made Your Decision For YOUR Custom Home Builder

You’ve done your homework, evaluated lots of companies, interviewed top choices, and finally selected a custom builder that’s right for you. What then?

This is where the fun really starts. Since you’ve selected a quality builder, your experience from this point forward should be positive. And, since open and fluid communication with your builder was a major part of your decision, one of the first things you’re apt to do is sit down for a kick-off meeting.

When you have your first discussion, be sure you’ve planned the things you want to cover and have thought about questions you may want to ask. While most good builders are quite accustomed to such meetings, they also know the customer is probably not.

A good builder will lead you through the sequence of events that will occur during your project, provide an approximate timeline for each event and project phase, and ensure that your questions have been answered during the discussion.

They may also discuss various challenges that could potentially affect your timeline, and provide an estimate as to extent of change you might expect under certain scenarios.

At the conclusion of your discussion, the builder will likely also ask when you will be available for a second meeting. If they don’t, make sure you request one.

Trust Us with Your Dream of a Custom Built Home In Greenville SC

Let us be your custom home builder and you’ll have no worries once your project is underway. First, we listen. You tell us your dreams, and we make them happen.

We carefully plan and engineer each phase of every project, relying on our years of experience to give our customers timelines they can count on. And because we’re experienced in the custom home building business, we know better than most how to handle any challenge that may come our way during any phase of the process.

When you choose us, we’ll leverage our years of construction and design experience to assist you in making the right choice during each phase of your project. We’ll be there to guide you the entire way: From determining the best foundation for your location to selecting the proper exterior covering to picking the right flooring and counters. We believe a solid partnership depends on continuous, clear, and friendly communication. You’ll be in complete control of your project every step of the way, and we’ll be by your side to help.


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